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Rockwell Land : 32 Sanson For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 9,700,000 64 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ 11,239,724 94 sqm

A new urban environment will rise in Cebu courtesy of Rockwell Land’s 32 Sanson. This flourishing community has everything you need to live a sustained lifestyle that is focused on quality of life and serenity with nature. If you are living in Cebu or wanted to move to the city, you might want to consider acquiring your own unit at 32 Sanson. This is a promising investment based on a number of factors.

First and foremost, the ideal location is something that is to be desired. A lot of people want to experience a life that is quiet and private, but are not willing to compromise living too far away from the city. Rockwell’s 32 Sanson is the perfect remedy for that. You can live close to the city to enjoy the modern conveniences while living in a space that brings privacy and a sense of exclusivity into one. You won’t have to compromise as you have everything you need in one peaceful community.

The fact that 32 Sanson is also developed by one of the most reputable real estate firms in the country is another reason to invest. The company has built a signature brand of quality and innovative concepts that they are bringing to Cebu. This creates a perfect blend with the laidback Cebuano lifestyle so you can truly call your home a slice of ‘paradise’. Live your best life yet. Make sure to get this chance to invest in your own unit at 32 Sanson so you can see for yourself what the rave is all about!

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